SearchTango iPhone Application


Tango is a vibrant and passionate partner dance between two people. Milonga is a social event or place where tango is danced. When a group of people go tango dancing, they go to a Milonga and people who frequently go to Milongas are called Milongueros. This Application is developed for Milongueros so that wherever they are in the World they can find Milongas around them via one single click.

The "Search Tango" Application starts with checking your current location and lists the closest Milongas around you. Based on the results, you can take your search further by choosing a specific date or limit your results by limiting distance. This extensive search option will increase your sight on choosing Milongas. Each Milonga page includes conclusive information about the Milonga. In addition to surfing through Milongas, you can also share information about the Milonga you plan to dance via the "Search Tango" Application and it will show on your Facebook Timeline.

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